Time To Write That Ebook. Are You Ready For This?

You’re ready to get your name out there. To position yourself as an expert in your industry.

It’s time to write an e-book for your business.

Don’t pull out your notepad just yet. Use the checklist below to ensure you’re on track for success.

Everything You Need to Write Your Ebook

1. I’ve chosen my target audience
2. I’ve chosen a relevant, specific topic for my e-book
3. I’ve decided on a suitable tone for my target audience
4. I have a content development and review process in place for my e-book
5. I’ve decided on the calls to action I want to include in the e-book
6. I’ve made a plan for cover design and aesthetics
7. I’ve selected effective distribution channels for my e-book
8. I've set a deadline for the e-book

Need help writing your business e-book? Email contact@prowritingbusiness.com to start the discussion.

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