Press Release Writing

You want to get your business out there. Smack in front of your target customers. Your aim? To generate more leads. Enter the press release.

Now You Know

Everyone consumes news. And in the age of social media and mobile devices, people are constantly seeking fresh news. Now’s the perfect time for a well-written press release. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Get In Front Of Your Audience

You have some juicy news to share. And you just know your target audience will love it. Now to convince the gatekeepers: reporters and news outlets. Not just any old headline will get you noticed. You need to start speaking their language. That's where I come in. Choose a press release writing package below and let me tell your story.

Please review my FAQs before ordering.

1 Month Package ($550)
  • 4 press releases
  • 1 release delivered per week (or all at once*)

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3 Month Package ($400)
  • 3 press releases
  • 1 release delivered per month

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6 Month Package ($785)
  • 6 press releases
  • 1 release delivered per month

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Trial Package ($150)
  • 1 press release
  • Delivered in 1 week

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* The delivery time per press release is 1 week, for the 1-month package.

N.B. Each press release ranges up to 400 words, regardless of font size and formatting.

N.B. Prices quoted are for press release writing only (no distribution).