How a Marketing Expert Boosted Sales at a Commercial Cleaning Company by 175%.

Marketing a cleaning business has its own set of challenges. The local nature of the business limits the target market. Saturated markets make it difficult to stand out. And high competition drives prices down. But what happens when pitching cleaning services to commercial clients? How does marketing change? These were the questions that prompted Sparkle Cleaners, a new commercial cleaning company, to contact The Buzz Marketing Consultants.

Sparkle offers contract cleaning services to restaurants and cafeterias. Their contracts range from three months to one year in length, in an effort to increase client flexibility.

In order to spread the word about the business, Ted, owner of Sparkle, made a website and shared it on his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Ted had a large following on each profile, but he wasn’t getting much engagement on his business posts. In an attempt to fix this, Sparkle started offering discounts for early clients. Ted talked about these offers on social media, and saw a small increase in website traffic.

The Problem

Although traffic to the website grew, Sparkle was not receiving any sales. In order to refine their marketing efforts, they got in touch with the marketing team at The Buzz Marketing Consultants. The Buzz is an expert in marketing service-based businesses.

They quickly scheduled a meeting and looked into Sparkle’s current marketing plans. This started with an interview to get an idea of the results Sparkle was getting from their marketing. Next they reviewed the company’s online presence and specific marketing strategies, and guided them through the improvement process.

A More Professional Image

After reviewing Sparkle’s website, The Buzz came up with a way to improve their copy. The first thing they suggested was to change the message on the homepage, to make it more tailored to the target audience – restaurants and cafeterias.

Then it was time to add pictures of happy cleaners and clean restaurant facilities to increase visual appeal. They also added a telephone number to the website for easy contact.

Lastly for the website, an email newsletter signup form was added. The purpose of the newsletter was to inform subscribers of deals being offered by the company.

Next, they went on to social media. The first things to go were the personal Twitter and Facebook profiles. They made profiles with the company’s credentials. This included a Facebook and LinkedIn profile, and an account on Yelp. They decided to move forward without Twitter for now.

Customized Marketing Campaign

After revamping Sparkle’s online presence, The Buzz helped them develop an effective marketing plan.

Their first stop was Facebook. The Buzz developed a content strategy, including high quality, branded photos and videos. It included weekly posts such as behind-the-scenes, industry news and Q&A posts. The strategy also covered posts that regularly highlighted Sparkle’s call-to-action button on Facebook.

Then they turned to paid Facebook ads. The Buzz designed an ad campaign, targeting restaurants and schools with select zip and postal codes.

Next it was time to generate some buzz around the company. The Buzz advised Sparkle owner, Ted to host a contest for restaurants and cafeterias in the city. The contest was complete with prizes such as cleaning supplies and a full kitchen cleaning session for one lucky participant.

Finally, they shifted focus to the media. The Buzz encouraged Sparkle to issue a press release. The release focused on the results of the contest hosted by the company, and announced the availability of coupons on the company’s website.

More Sales, Better Engagement

At Sparkle Cleaners, The Buzz Marketing Consultants’ expertise delivered a solid strategy, drastically improving sales. After executing the customized plan, sales at Sparkle increased by 175%.

The company also saw better interaction with their website, which involved several business owners signing up for their newsletter. Activity on their Facebook page also improved, with customers sharing their experiences on the company’s page.

After working with The Buzz Marketing Consultants, Ted said, “You guys were awesome. My business sales have almost tripled, so thank you.”

The Buzz Marketing Consultants is committed to developing customized marketing plans for service-based businesses. A targeted marketing plan is vital for increasing sales, but coming up with the right plan can be a challenge for businesses. No two businesses are the same, and individual marketing strategies need to reflect that.

To talk to an expert from The Buzz about your marketing needs, book a free 30 minute consultation.