Convert B2B Leads With a Case Study

Blake was unhappy.

He ran a successful SaaS business. The company started with a team of two close friends and a simple idea.

10 years later, the team had grown significantly, with profits to match.

The business had made great progress. They had well-paying clients, they’ve found their niche and profits were steady.

But Blake had bigger dreams for his business. He dreamed of expanding the business; busting out of their niche and trying something new.

Looking to grow

Blake was a natural go-getter.

So he started working on his dream, making marketing budgets and plans.

He had one thought in his head: to get his business noticed in different industries.

Social media plans. Discounts on services. Conferences. These were all part of Blake’s marketing strategy.

The plan was to generate plenty of leads in new industries – and it worked.

Traffic to the company’s website increased dramatically.

So why was Blake so down?

Blake knew he needed help

Despite his aggressive marketing, Blake realized that he was getting traffic, but no one was buying.

His new leads weren’t converting.

He thought that he needed to reach even more people. So he doubled his marketing efforts.

He hired a social media manager and a blogger, thinking this would give him more time to focus on other marketing activities.

But the results were disappointing.

He also figured he should get media exposure to attract even more potential customers. So he issued a press release about the expansion plans for his business.

The results were the same. More traffic, no new sales.

Blake felt helpless. He didn’t know what else to try.

So he went to a friend looking for advice on how to convert B2B leads, and that’s when he learned about me.

“Friend” turned out to be a mutual connection of ours. “Friend” recommended my case study writing services, after having worked with me before.

(Speaking of case studies, learn how you can convert B2B leads with my case study writing services here.)

In our first meeting, Blake explained that he’d tried everything he could think of, and just wanted some results. He was willing to try my case study writing services.

How we moved forward

We started by discussing the benefits of using case studies for business, and different ways to use them.

Then I gave Blake a checklist of all that’s needed to build a successful case study. We went through the list and studied each point before getting started with the project.

Our next step was to talk results.

I chatted a while with Blake about the kind of results he’d like to include in the case study. What he thought would attract his target audience.

I used this information, and my own research, to develop relevant interview questions.

Once the client was contacted and the interview set up, I got on Skype and conducted the interview.

Then it was time to write.

I wrote an outline for the case study and sent it to Blake for approval – he loved it. So I wrote the final copy.

Blake immediately started using it in his marketing – on sales pages, social media, outreach emails – everywhere.

The results are in

The results speak for themselves.

Before long, Blake started getting clients from other industries, effectively expanding his business niche.


Blake now understands the impact of showing real proof to convert B2B leads.

He now knows a ton of ways to market a case study. And everything that’s necessary to develop an effective success story.

In short, Blake is no longer mad. He’s a happy man.

If you’d like to convert more B2B leads with your success stories, just like Blake, send me an email at and let’s discuss your goals. Learn more about my case study writing services.

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