Here’s how I do business

Step 1: Start the conversation

This is the first step in getting your project underway. Choose a case study writing package, a business blogging package, or send me a message for a custom order, and let’s get started. If you have questions before ordering, reach out to me via email ( or linkedin.

Step 2: Information gathering

Once you’ve chosen a package, I will start collecting pertinent details about your project. This includes:

  • Completing a simple questionnaire.
  • Having a conversation via chat (Skype, Linkedin) or email.

Step 3: Get formal

After all the details of your project have been finalized, it’s time for the legal and financial things. This step includes:

  • Issuing and signing of a contract
  • Issuing of an invoice
  • Making payments

Step 4: Get to work

This is where I get started on your project. See specific processes below:

Case study writing process

Business blogging process