Business Blogging Packages
Let Me Help You

I get it. You are too busy running your business to manage a blog right now. But you don't want to miss out on all the benefits. That's where I come in. Choose a business blogging package below and let me handle the rest.

In addition to the below features, each package includes:

  • A list of suggested blog post topics
  • A list of suggested key phrases


Basic ($400)
  • 4 blog posts each month (delivered weekly)
  • 1 featured image each
  • Delivered as Word document
  • 500-700 words each

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PRO ($470)
Content, Formatting & Promotion
  • Basic package +
  • 2 social media posts per blog (1 social media site)
  • Uploaded directly to your blogging platform

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PRO Custom ($570)
Content, Formatting & Ultra Promotion
  • PRO package +
  • 1 content upgrade per post (+ usage guide)
  • 1 infographic design per post

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Package Add-ons


Word Count Boost ($300)
  • Boost each post to 1000+ words


Word Count Ultra ($1100)
  • Boost each post to 1500+ words


Social Media Boost ($60)
  • 5 additional social media posts (1 site)
  • Social media calendar


Social Media Boost & Management ($100)
  • 5 additional social media posts (1 site)
  • Social media calendar
  • Comments monitoring and response
  • 1 Social media Analytics overview document (displays post performances over 1 month, for easy viewing)


Add-ons can only be selected when ordering a main package.

N.B. For longer posts, please message me for a custom business blogging quote.