Are You Thinking of Writing a Case Study For Your Business?

So you finally did it. You’ve decided to start using case studies to attract new business.

That’s great! Case studies are to B2B leads as customer reviews are to B2C leads.

In fact, customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business that has excellent reviews.*

Before you hire a writer for your case study, use the checklist below to ensure you have the required resources.

All You Need to Write a Case Study

1. I’ve identified my target audience for the case study
2. I’ve pinpointed their main challenge
3. I’ve identified an existing/past client for whom I have overcome that challenge
4. I’ve confirmed that the client and I have relevant data to prove the effectiveness of my services/solutions
5. I’ve asked the client’s permission to conduct an interview with him or her
6. I have a content development and review strategy in place for the case study
7. I’ve decided how I will distribute the case study to my audience
8. I’ve set a deadline for the case study

* Based on research conducted by website building site,

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