Blog Post Ideas For Your Business Blog (4 Ideas)

You know that blogging is good for business.

You did your research, made a schedule, and now you’re ready to start writing those posts. Just one question.

What should you blog about?

Good question. A business blog is a splendid idea, but it’s not just about putting words on your site. Your blog posts require some thought. They must be high quality.

What you need are some blog post ideas to get you started. Before you start, here are three basic rules for any blog: 

i. Post useful content

It’s simple. Blog about things your target customers want to read. Give them practical information.

ii. Post unique content

There are over 100 million blogs on the web, so your posts must be unique in order to stand out. Though it’s tough to find a brand new topic, you can add your own flavor to any topic. Be creative.

iii. Post consistently

Once a day or once a month. How often you post is up to you. The only thing that matters is consistency – in frequency and quality.

Without further ado, here are four blog post ideas for your business blog:

Blog Post Idea 1: Product Reviews

With reviews, the possibilities are endless. To get started, an idea is to review your own products, or compare your products with a competitor’s. This extends to services as well.

Reviewing your own products

Keep your reviews honest. By all means, highlight your product’s benefits, but don’t exaggerate.

Consider noting at least one of your product’s fault. No product is perfect, and customers know this, so be upfront. This proves two things: 1) that you have nothing to hide, and 2) you know your products well. This level of transparency builds trust among customers. And the importance of trust in business is no secret.

Doing product comparisons

Product comparisons are invaluable to customers. They help buyers get the best value for their money. And it’s a powerful way to up-sell your products.

Such a blog post could be a simple side-by-side comparison of features and benefits, or it could include a poll for readers to vote for the better product.

Blog Post Idea 2: Service Tips and Advice

Post service-related tips and advice on your blog. This is especially useful for service businesses (cleaning, plumbing, catering, etc.).

Imagine you own a plumbing business, and you publish an article titled “How to Care for Household Plumbing in Winter.” This achieves two things: 1) it demonstrates your business expertise, and 2) it shows you care about your customers’ needs.

Prove you’re an expert to build trust among customers. And always strive to add value to their lives. That’s what transforms prospects into customers.

Blog Post Idea 3: Business News

Turn your business news into blog posts. This is fantastic for keeping customers in the know. And with these types of blog posts, the possibilities are limitless.

You can literally blog about anything; current affairs, upcoming events, year in review – you name it. Be transparent. Opening up to customers builds their trust in your brand.

Blogging about upcoming events is perfect for getting early feedback on your ideas. It’s up to you how much information you share in these posts. There are no rules.

Document your “year in review” sessions into blog posts. To make these posts sparkle, include memorable customer moments. This effectively shows customers you appreciate them. And just imagine how that customer would feel reading that post. Win.

On another note, “year in review” posts is a tangible way of logging your business’ progress – for you, current and prospective customers.

Blog Post Idea 4: Behind the Scenes Posts

Mix things up with “behind the scenes” posts. With these blog post ideas, you can get as creative as you wish!

Think embedded videos of business processes. Snippets for a sneak peek or detailed videos. Take your pick!

Since all businesses operate differently, this is one sure way to generate fresh content. And you know how important that is on the web.

Also, this boosts transparency, which increases customer loyalty and, yes, trust. (Are you sensing a theme in this article?). Trust is vital for business. Period.

Blogging is definitely a labor of love, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Posting quality content, consistently is a requirement for success.

What are your ideas of good blog content? Also, how important is trust between businesses and customers? Have your say in the comments below!

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